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Review – Wusthof Classic Chef Knives Set

Review – Wusthof Classic Chef Knives Set


If you are a person who loves to have their way in their kitchen, be the Master-Chef of all time, and enjoy your time in the kitchen then you are surely a person who has lots of great tools at hand. These can be professional chef knife sets too. You are also a person who loves to have the best and the sharpest knives of all time. Because of course professional chef knife sets are the best part and the fundamental start to do anything at all.

There are lots of knives and professional chef knife sets that exist in the market while there are also many brands that promise to deliver the best professional chef knife sets as well. They have their own set of features, styles, colors, sharpness, and designs as well as prices to choose from. They even have different sets and packs specially designed to cater to different areas of cooking and cutting. This is what actually makes it easier for anyone to chop and cut meat or vegetables easily and enjoy their cooking time along. There is surely no one who likes to fiddle with a blunt knife that won’t do a thing.

This is why the Wusthof classic chef knife is great for rescuing many people in their kitchen. The Wusthof classic chef knife has a lot of features that are great while cutting and there are different customized knives for each purpose as well. The great number of Wusthof classic chef knives (16) are so much that you won’t even know which one to use for that area! The following are some of the great features we have come across:


* The Wusthof classic chef knife comes in varying ranges and sizes
* It has great attractions and a solid black design that is appealing and won’t wear off as well
* It comes along with a great knife stand and truly beautiful iconic red handling area guide as a start
* It is made up of the best materials that are required for cutting
* There is a whole block set of 16 knives available in the stand and serves as a classic way of cutting, chopping,
and everything at all
* The price of $799 is just nothing compared to the different functions these knives serve for different
materials and items
* These knives have precision forced full tang features in them
* They are stainless because they are made with stain resistant steel having bolster and stain resistant high carbon as well.
* All of these knives have PEtec edges. This means that they have 20% enhanced sharpness along the edges.
* The 58 Rockwell hardness makes sure that these knives are strongly durable and last twice as long in comparison to
other knives and knife sets
* They are of various types and categories
* They are crafted in Solingen, Germany by makers since 1814
* These are legacy knives that are made and managed by a healthy heritage and experience down the lane
* Each knife has a pc controlled cutting edge so as to guarantee that the final edge is always on point and
without much effort
* Whether it is the heel of the knife or the body, the blade is precise and all the way uniform in this aspect
* The 14-degree cutting edge at each knife reduces the drag factor while slicing of through different food items.
* Each knife has a lifetime warranty and it will never come off even in polishing and buffing that has been
done through hand
* There is no chance of fading and discoloration because the molecular structure of these knives is very different
and is made of synthetic material
* The types of knives in the set that will make you buy nothing but them


There are various types of knives as well as tools that are included in the set. They have different inches blades and purposes as well. These are given as follows:

* 5-inch paring knife
* 5-inch utility knife
* 5-inch serrated utility knife
* 6-inch utility knife
* 8-inch bread knife
* 8-inch chef’s knife
* 8-inch hollow edge knife
* 9-inch steel sharpener for knives
* Six 4.5 inch knives for steaks usage, cutting and eating
* 17 slots in the knife block for handling
* Come-apart shears for extra care usage

Hence, make sure you buy these and simplify your life well.




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