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100% Pure Mascara – Review

12. July 2016 no comments Organic Beauty

100% Pure Mascara

It’s difficult to fault this best natural mascara. It lengthens and isolates flawlessly, it’s a luscious jet black and it smells like crisp blueberries (really, it does!). Berries likewise happen to be one of the colour imparting ingredients (alongside dark tea), which is absolutely clever as it supports lashes with antioxidants and vitamins while making them look long and fluttery.

One hundred percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Ultra Lengthening Natural Mascara lets the fruits of your labor display alongside your rich, full lashes. The all natural formula obliges conditioning provitamin B5, vitamin E and oat and wheat proteins to fortify and bring fitter lashes. The formula is smudge prove and is secure for delicate eyes.

How to Apply   100 pure mascara  

The wand looks standard; like most natural mascara wands, however there is a slight dip in the center. People truly like this dip since it makes the ideal throne for their lashes to sit. You should begin at the base and sort of wiggle the lashes onto the plunge like they manage King’s Landing, then swipe straight out a few times. Do this along the length of lash line. After both eyes are done, do a reversal for a second coat and wiggle the wand through the lashes. After that is dried, and go back and delicately run the wand over the tips to define and lengthen.


This best natural mascara smells good enough to eat. I kid you not. Genuine blackberry fragrance! Anyway, this best natural mascara lengthens truly well, so it lives up to its “Ultra Lengthening” claim. You can barely tell this is a plum shading; if anything, it simply doesn’t look as harsh as a “blackest black” shade would. It’s somewhat more normal and would most likely complement brown eyed ladies.

The shape of the wand bristles made it simple to separate. Your lashes will be shiny and will really hold the curl truly well. You will be impressed! Before the day’s over you may see one or two small flakes. That is quite great considering experience with different mascaras accessible in market. Also, obviously, knowing that this is 100% natural mascara is the icing on the cake.

Beauty Foods

  • Natural colours from blackberry, black current and raspberry extracts plus powdered coffee beans and cacao.100 pure mascara 2
  • Preserved with rosemary, oregano and thyme leaf extracts, no parabens, phenoxyethanol, mercury.
  • Nourishing oil from cocoa butter.

  • Rich in antioxidants and vitamins from green tea and seaweed plus pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E.


  • “Black Tea” – true black
  • “Blackberry” – purple-black
  • “Blueberry” – blue-black
  • “Dark Chocolate” – brown-black


  • 100% natural mascara lengthens and separates, covering every lash with conditioners and shading them with dark tea, berry and cocoa colours
  • Utilizes foods grown from the black tea pigments to colour your lashes
  • Pro vitamin B5, vitamin E, oat and wheat proteins condition your lashes as you wear it
  • The water resistant, flake resistant and smudge safe formula keeps on all day
  • Vegetarian friendly formula


Check out the availability HERE.

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