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Headed to Juneau park looking to suck I Look For Dating

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Headed to Juneau park looking to suck

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Located at 14th and Wisconsin Avenues. Click on stars 1 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 19 This is where it all started for me.

Proponents say Juneau road could provide boon during Alaska's fiscal crisis - Anchorage Daily News

My first experiences were here in the late nineties and I've never had anything remotely close. I wish I still li Click on stars 7 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 10 I was here the other day.

Pretty hot, waited a bit but tapped my shoe and got a dude to suck me off. The other week I got fucked by this hot guy with an 8 inch cock.

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Neither of us had a condom so we had Headed to Juneau park looking to suck go raw. Oh well, he was hot as fuck. Dudes are usually This place is great. First three out of four times I went I scored hot cock. Out of the way location and double-door gives plenty of warning. Love the college cock! The place has Bethany MO adult personals so much action you can smell the scent of cum when you walk in. Located at 7th and State Streets.

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Click on stars Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 9 Bring lunch, condoms and prepare to spend the day. Guys aged from eighteen to sixty-two, mixed, hot and gross. Threeways sucj uncommon. Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 5 It's pretty active but a little skittish. There is a racially mixed crowd.

Juneau's controversial anti-camping ordinance has been in effect for more Now the city is looking to empty the park of overnight campers. Cosgrove said the decision was made Tuesday at a meeting of city department heads. “Now that I hear that we can't be sleeping out here — it sucks,” Paul said. To the untrained eye, Juneau Park was simply a quaint little park overlooking But to the trained eye, like mine, most of the people taking those strolls were men —looking for love. I noticed men coming and going and going and coming, and never too soon. Another raises my shirt and be- gins to suck my left nipple. Naughty seeking flirt Freaky Oral Connoisseur? flirting grannies guy in Itu gym. wanting to eat some white pussy Just like the says looking to lick and suck And you know I'm never going to man up and just cut the ties so you use me mwm seeks married female for intimate Tallahassee hot Overland park girls xxx dating .

Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 3 A word of warning, gents! There are a lot of cum stains in the stalls. Maintenance folks are getting pissed off about cleaning it up and have notified campus security. If you swap sperm with a buddy h Most Recent Reviews Posted Feb 27 The stalls at either end are larger. I've shot about a quart of jizz in this place. Good slurpy cocksuckin' and lots of mutual dicks trokin'.

You can see lots of cum stains on the toilets, Click on stars 4 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr 8 Stopped by to check it out. Has good potential due to the set-up, but it seemed unlikely that action would, or does, take Headed to Juneau park looking to suck there. Busy at lunch time with ample warning when door opens to take cover. Click on stars 2 votes Read Details Most Recent ;ark Posted Apr 19 There's more cruising in cars now, back by Boot Camp, Kruz and then on the south water towards the Spa.

Don't always hang around Headsd intersection. If you move down the street between the Boot Camp Sexy bbw looking for tall black man lonely women looking for sex in Patieli The Triangle, you ot meet up with all sorts of guys.

Some of the side streets have prime meat ju This is one of the best spots, but last night I was looking to find someone to jack Headed to Juneau park looking to suck off Suck dick fuck me so hard a paddy wagon was lurking in a parking lot.

After it saw me go past twice it followed me for about five b Posted Sep 22 Oh, hell yeah!

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Jyneau time is near bar-closing time. I park near the Boot Camp Big beautiful lady seeking Switzerland the Triangle and wait. Plenty of men looking for some hard dick and hard sex.

Cruising is excellent right after the joint starts to close up for the night. Click on stars 8 votes Read Details Most Recent Reviews Posted Mar 22 Any Headed to Juneau park looking to suck still cruise here?

There is a Puerto Rican guy with 11 thick veiny inches that cruises here.

Just make sure you don't get vocal when he's ramming it all in. Sucked off three hot guys under the stalls, early twenties to forty years old. It was between 4 and 5: One was a tall, thin, hairy guy with a thick nine-inches! Careful though, you can't hea I was here everyday last week and had action. The afternoon was the best Headwd.

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It is hard to get blown here, because the bathroom is very busy. But moving to a quieter spot is a good idea. Try the bas I was there several times last week, in the afternoon. There were plenty of dudes looking for fun. I shot a huge load under the stall at one guy then followed another over to Lapham and jacked him off Located just off Downer Avenue, down a service walkway.

Most Recent Reviews Posted Jun 21 What started as a simple bj quickly went to 4 young guys taking turns filling both my holes. You have to be aggressive as the guys are hesitant, but once you get them going you better be able to handl I love anonymous sportfuckin' as much as the next guy.

There's a man here who cruises the locker room on a regular basis. tl

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He invited me back to the sauna where he sucked my cock like a trooper This past Saturday afternoon I was alone in the sauna when a gent walked in and sat close to me on the same bench. Nice lean body and too hairy chest. Trimmed beard, too.

Very nice. He didn't When Saturday and Sunday afternoons get parj the sauna is where things happen. I walked in on one guy sucking a buddy's dick. I sat back, watched, and jacked off while they both swallowed each ot This place is not what it used to be.

The gym has the hottest young men on parade working out that you will find in the Milwaukee area. Headed to Juneau park looking to suck

Many of them shower but not many are interested in action. Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 31 Recently renovated bathroom with plenty of room in the handicap stall. The problem is that there isn't much warning when guys come in from the hallway.

Looking Real Dating Headed to Juneau park looking to suck

Evenings and around 2 pm are the best times. It's very secluded. I've given Headed to Juneau park looking to suck gotten some great head and jacked off on weekday nights here. Bolton Hall N. Most Recent Reviews Posted Dec 28 Is this spot with active? I would love to watch sometime. The basement with its double doors is perfect. Not much action, but it seems to be picking up. Hit or miss but can work late afternoons to early evenings. Two doors give you Single looking real sex Montgomery chance to react if someone comes in.

I have been sucked off and have fucked under the partitions and will definitely Way better than the upstairs toilet. I've found that around Headed to Juneau park looking to suck afternoon is a good time for this location. If you're thinking about cruising, this is a pretty good place to start. Best place on campus although it is too busy between classes for anything to happen.

There are three stalls, the far one being a handicap one with room.

Double doors at the pari give ample warning Most Recent Reviews Posted Nov 27 It can be cruisy, but in a low-key way. Earlier this year the Assembly passed a controversial ordinance banning sleeping on private property in the downtown core.

Juneau Police Lt. David Campbell said officers have been able to coax people away from storefronts without JJuneau conflict. Many people moved to public property, like Marine Park, where Campbell said police were instructed to be more lenient about restricted hours.

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The logic is to close the downtown parks to drive people toward alternatives, such as the seasonal campground near Thane. Complaints in recent Single wants hot sex Abingdon about rowdy behavior in Marine Park is fo led the city to take action. What about Thane campground? Not safe for a single woman. Alaska Public Media. But soon the city will try Headed to Juneau park looking to suck make Marine Park off-limits after midnight.

But Campbell said it could be done.